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 #975288  by SouthTexas
 Sat May 05, 2018 5:57 pm
SturgisSoundGuy, I believe you mentioned Kickstands last year and know the place a bit. Any info from anyone would be appreciated. We have stayed there, at Elkview Campground before it was sold and became Kickstands, since 2003 and always liked it. We camped under the trees next to the dining/bar building but now they have a big outside stage right where we camped and they bring in bands every night. I'm sure it is loud until they stop the music at midnight, if they do, but I was wondering if there are places close to the dining building to camp without being blasted out before the bands shut down. I have no interest in camping far from that building. I know they have another shower house way out in the open area but I have no interest in that area and the rough dirt ride to get there. Thanks for any input. I'll probably head for Lamphere for the quiet but really like that old-Elkview area. Thanks.
 #975319  by SturgisSoundguy
 Mon May 07, 2018 7:02 pm
Hey, I'm currently traveling down to Palm Springs to work for 8 days and then to Cal to visit family. Haven't been to Kickstands other than riding/driving by since it was Elkview. I know it will be louder just because Kickstands is trying to cover a large area with concert sound and it takes volume and speaker excursion to move air to make music "feel" good over a given area, I won't bore you all with the math!

Low frequencies are omni-directional, that is they travel 360 degrees from the source, unless the sound company is doing cardio subs and steering low end in a wanted direction. High and mid frequencies are much more directional, if the source is not facing you then you hear less of it.

If the volume from the stage/PA is 100 decibels it will be about 150 feet before one could talk without yelling to the person next to them. Behind the stage will be rumbling/thumping but low frequencies travel more efficiently than highs so you'll hear those better for a longer distance from the source. If there are buildings in the line of sight path from the stage the buildings will block highs/mids and the lows will be diminished some but still be able to "wrap" around the building and continue.

Look at the campground layout and see if you can figure out which part of the campground is to the side or behind the stage and if you can get a few hundred feet away from the stage to where you are setting up camp. Hopefully you can get some sleep!
 #975335  by SouthTexas
 Tue May 08, 2018 11:32 am
Wow, that is a great reply, SoundGuy! Thank you. Very helpful, indeed. I am a total layman in regards to sound levels, sound travel, etc., but that several hundred feet is what I suspected it would take to get away from the noise. I enjoyed camping at Elkview but I would not enjoy the new Elkview (Kickstands Campground). Thanks again. A helpful post as always.
 #976654  by SouthTexas
 Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:29 am
Thanks, md. The RV parking is pretty far from the new outdoor stage, and the shower house and main building are between the stage and RV's. Being in an RV and having the distance and buildings blocking for you should help a lot, hopefully. For those in tents though, unless they head out to the back 40, the noise is intolerable. We camped where the stage is for 15 years. Now, anywhere close to the main building and main shower house is way too loud for those in tents unless they like concert loud music until midnight or beyond. Hopes it works out in the RV. Enjoy.
 #976661  by SouthTexas
 Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:55 pm
Yes, that's my impression, md, and the impression of 8 others from Iowa and Oregon who have camped there with me for a lot of years. They built an elaborate bar, a very big outside stage with giant speakers, and are now open all year, bringing in entertainment all year long. Not Chip grade entertainment, of course, but small groups that are trying to make it. They want to be the hot entertainment spot in Sturgis. That's fine but it is totally counter what the original owner and second group of owners did so long time campers have scattered to other campgrounds. The former owners had entertainment and a bar but it was relatively low key. A friend talked with a former owner we both know well and he said that last year he went a couple of times during the Rally, Kickstands first year, to see the operation and he saw no one from prior years. No surprise there. Lamphere Ranch Campground is our new destination. A nice campground with a really good owner and great employees. I think you'll be fine in an RV, md. I hope so. Bring earplugs, just in case, if you don't like loud concert style music.
 #976999  by mdpocian
 Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:20 pm
As promised. Here is MY opinion.

Access: Easy on/off.

Noise: Close to I-90, noisy, but I'm sure that's the same for all the highway campgrounds.

Bands: Loud up front, not so bad in the back 40 but still noticable.

Campsites: Clean, but uneven. If using RV bring plenty of lumber to level your rig.

Overall: Not bad if you like to party.
 #977004  by SouthTexas
 Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:37 pm
Riding by the campground looked pretty empty of tent campers. There were some but not many. The RV area looked fairly full. Were there many tents up near the dining hall? We camped for 13 years next to where they now put the stage. Many tents anywhere near that or is it way too loud? Thanks.